Thursday, December 15, 2005

Victory is MIne!


That Flatlander was a fool to call a truce--and even more a fool to think I would honour it! Now his empire is toppled, and, with the aid of Dr. Flavour's time machine, I will rule all of blogdom throughout all time!

It's actually pretty spacious for a time machine; much bigger inside than it first appears. Take that door, for instance. I wonder where it leads....a broom closet. How quaint...wait. It seems to be full of....ravenous dwarves! Yoicks and egads! H-h-hello brethren. Let's say we take ourselves to a steakhouse, there to dine upon some nice, rare slabs of prime rib. Aye, you look hungry. No time to wait. Well then, look deep into my eyes....Hey! Give that back! No. You mustn't! Not with my own Scrying Spoon! Aaaaagh.....(sound of eyes being gouged)


Blogger Rick Anonymi said...

All that matters is Evil Bob Dole...

Be one with the Dole!

10:09 PM  
Blogger Captain Canuck said...

Ha-Ha! Thanks to my keen sleuthing skills I have found the digital lair of Xister and his ilk!

I am thus that much closer to traking down Xister himself--if he still lives.

All I need is my own time machine....

7:14 AM  

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