Monday, December 12, 2005

You Are Now My Servant


Look deep within the Eye of Hathor and see your future in the mystic mists of its iridescent iris. You love nothing more than slaking your thirst with a tall, satisfying glass of ice-cold dairy milk. You detest Soya products of all kinds. You will not desecrate the temple of your body with counterfeit beverages such as rice, almond or coconut milk. You will drink only dairy produce. You will eat large amounts of cheese before, during and after meals. You will take milk baths. You will bathe in milk whilst sipping luxurious milk-based cocktails.

You will drink milk, and you will boycott Fakiegrind. Fakiegrind is not a milk-friendly website. They do not understand the re-vivifying, bone-strengthening, peace-bestowing virtues of diary milk consumption. Bad Fakiegrind. They shall know the Wrath of Hathor. They shall yet bow before the Great Hoof. But you, you have seen the light. You have chosen milk, and it does a body good. Now......Awake!


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Good... good...

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